“All Are Welcome In This Place”

Pastoral Care

Jesus expects us to care for all of his children, and especially “the least of these.” At St. Andrew’s, our Pastor and parishioners support those in need through a variety of ways. We pray for hearts to love and hands to serve. Our  Pastoral Care Ministry is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another.
During these unsettling and uncertain times, all of us need someone to talk to. Someone to listen to our concerns, our fears, our hopes, and our dreams. If you need someone to talk to, please use one of these opportunities to talk with someone from our Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team.
Intercessory Prayer – Virtual and In-Person
The Bible teaches that, above all, churches should be houses of prayer.  We take that mandate very seriously. During the time of this pandemic, you may reach out to request prayer by going to the  homepage of our website, and click on the “Daily Prayer & Prayer Request box”, and complete your prayer request. This request will go directly to our Intercessory Prayer Ministry Leader and she will be contact you. The Intercessory Prayer Ministry also commits to pray daily for people who have asked for particular prayers.
When in-person worship is held, we offer “Prayer Request Cards,” in each of the pews for you to complete. On Monday mornings our trained and dedicated Intercessory Ministry team gathers in our sanctuary to pray for those who have asked for particular prayers.
We invite you to share your requests with us so that we may pray for you.  Either complete a “Prayer Request Card” or visit our web prayer page and let us know how we may support you.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, please contact Karen Muchesko at 219-776-6655.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
In the Bible, we are reminded that handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from the body of St. Paul and given to the sick, and “diseases left them.”  We have parishioners who knit prayer shawls, which represent the love of God and the Church. Once completed, they are blessed by the clergy and delivered to those in need of comfort.
Lay Eucharistic Visitors
Eucharistic Visitors are trained and licensed by the Church to take Communion from the altar on Sunday to the sick, injured, and shut-in members of the parish. Contact the church office if you would like a visit.
Holy Rollers Transportation
Parish members offer to pick up those who don’t drive and bring them to church, the doctor or other essential destinations. Contact the church office if you need a ride or if you’re willing to provide this transportation.
Share the Care
When a family is celebrating a ‘life event’, ie., a birth, recovering from surgery or an illness, a death, or  hardship, this ministry provides meals to lend support.  If you would be willing to provide a meal when a life event such as those mentioned above occur, please contact our church office at 219-462-4946.
Hospital Visitors
Members of this ministry team visit parishioners who are hospitalized to offer prayers and compassion. Contact the church office if you need someone to visit you or a loved one, or if you would like to be a member of this amazing ministry team.
Nursing Home and Valparaiso Hospice Center Visitation
Many of our parishioners volunteer at care facilities around the area.  If you are living at a care facility, and would like one of our trained volunteers to visit you, please contact the church office.