“All Are Welcome In This Place”

Get Connected

Getting Connected
We believe that most people are looking for connection -for meaningful, purposeful relationships. Connections at St. Andrew’s are about relationships that get beneath the surface, the  kinds of relationships that won’t come simply by attending worship services. They take time.
One way to get connected is to join a fellowship group or Bible study. Christian formation programs for children, youth, and adults are  available for all ages. We also have small group ministry for men and women.
Serving others also deepens your relationship with God and people. We offer a variety of service opportunities that will connect you with a team of staff and volunteers who work together in serving others and God.
Finally, you can engage with others through growth and recovery programs. From managing money to building a stronger marriage, these programs will help you know God and build relationships with His people. St. Andrew’s, we believe that we are all looking for connection -for meaningful, purposeful relationships. We invite you to explore how you may “fit in” to a church you can call “home” by clicking on any of the links under this tab.