“All Are Welcome In This Place”


Worship is central to our existence as a parish and anchors our relationship with God and each other. Worship at St. Andrew’s is inter-generational, involving people of all ages, and reflects a 2000 year-old tradition of Christian liturgy that has continually changed and developed, incorporating diverse styles of music, prayers, and artistic expressions. At St. Andrew’s we find our identity in our worship, education, and service.

Our worship service is from The Book of Common Prayer. Common here means prayers said “in common,” or by everyone together. The Book of Common Prayer is a collection of ancient and modern prayers and services. There are two slightly different services used in the Episcopal Church: Rite I and Rite II. Rite I Eucharist uses the older form of English language found in the original Book of Common Prayer. Rite II uses more modern English. Printed worship bulletins include the entire service and the words and music for any hymns. This makes it easy for anyone to follow along with our liturgy and worship.