“All Are Welcome In This Place”

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 9: 00 am
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Other Helpful Resources
Book of Common Prayer  –The Book of Common Prayer is the primary symbol of our unity.  We who are many and diverse, come together in Christ through our worship, our common prayer. The prayer book, most recently revised in 1979, contains our liturgies, our prayers, our theological documents, and much, much more.
Act of Spiritual Communion – In addition to communion in the form of consecrated  bread and wine, our tradition recognizes communion with Christ in the prayerful desire to encounter him.
Litany Amidst the Covid-19 Outbreak – pray this Litany for those affected
Daily Prayer – offerings from Forward Movement, includes the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer, along with Forward Day By Day daily meditation.
Prayer and Worship in Our Homes  – In an age of COVID-19, our inability to draw near to one another should not affect our ability to draw near to God. This free, multi-part course is designed for Christians to use this time of separation from one another as a time of drawing near to God.