“All Are Welcome In This Place”

Online Bible Studies

Our parish has several groups that will meet virtually for a while via Zoom. Instructions for Zoom and links are below.                   
To join Zoom meetings
Zoom is an app you can download to a smart phone or tablet. For the laptop version go to zoom.us. To join the study, just click on the link that goes with each study below.!
To use a regular phone to join a Zoom
Dial 1-312-626-6799 and at the prompt put in the meeting ID number followed with # symbol.”
Sundays @ 10 am “Acting Boldly”
Click here for the Zoom Study
After His death and resurrection, the early followers of Jesus were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Empowered by that Spirit, they shared the Good News of Jesus by a bold proclamation of His Resurrection. Even in the midst of this time of separation and distance, the church must be the faithful ones who bring the Lord close to the world. Join us each Sunday morning at 10 am as we journey through the Book of the Bible called Acts of the Apostles where will learn how to act BOLDLY as we bring the love and compassion of Christ to the world.

Tuesdays @ 6:30 am Men’s Bible Study:
“Why Easter Matters”
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As believers in Christ, we all would like to say that we trust in God. We would all like to claim that we believe God has our best interests in mind and that obedience to him is the best pathway to finding joy, peace, and fulfillment in life. But the truth is that we often find ourselves actively resisting the very God in whom we say we trust. Join the men of our parish as we learn what it means to live in the Resurrection.
Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm
“Prayer & Worship at Home”

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In an age of COVID-19, our inability to draw near to one another should not affect our ability to draw near to God. This course is designed for Christians to use this time of separation from one another as a time of drawing near to God. We’ll begin with worship and then engage in conversational learning.
Thursdays @ 2:00pm
“Cultures in Conflict”
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How do you live in a culture where the world view conflicts with Christianity? Join  us as we participate in a video series presented by Ray Vander Laan. Learn how the apostle Paul presents his belief to the culture of his day, and how we can present our belief to the culture of today.