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Community Outreach Opportunities


The Valparaiso School Corp. “WEEKEND BACKPACK & SNACKS” program gives St. Andrew’s parishioners the opportunity to help students in Valparaiso by providing food that will allow them to have nutritious meals on the weekends when they do not have access to school breakfasts and lunches. Food donations for this ministry will be collected the first Sunday of each month. Let us work to help all children succeed!

Canned meat (chicken, tuna, etc.) Pasta/spaghetti/noodles
Spaghetti or alfredo sauce (cans)   /  Instant potatoes
Canned chili   /   Soup/cup of soup
Crackers  /  Breakfast bars
Cereal/Oatmeal   /  Peanut butter/jelly (plastic jar)
Mac n cheese  /   Ramen noodles
Pudding snack packs   /   Fruit cups
Canned fruit /   Vegetable cups
Individual bags of chips   /   Individual juices/juice boxes
Kool-Aid packages
The list of recommended food items will be available
on the kiosk in the Gathering Space.

Christian Food Pantry
This Pantry began in 1982 in a closet at First Christian Church (Glendale Ave., Valpo) to serve the needs of 2 of the parish’s families. Word quickly spread, and the “closet” outgrew its space so it was moved to The Asbury Centre, 7 Chicago Street, Valpo, it’s current location.  After one (1) full year of operation, 89 families were being served and now approx. 600-700 are served. St. Andrew’s, along with 7 other local churches, support Donations of all non-perishable food items, especially soup, crackers, canned fruits & vegetables, cereal, pork ‘n beans, coffee, tea, juice, kleenex, bathroom tissue, paper towels, shampoo, dish & laundry detergent, are always needed. Any cash donations are used to purchase perishable items, such as milk, meat, etc. for the clients. Thank you for your generosity in this ministry to others.  All  donations may be placed in  “Karl the Kart” in the church foyer.


Holy Cross Anglican School – Belize
“Scholarships for Kenya and Antu
Graduation’s in sight for these 2 high school students who we’ve been supporting at Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize. Without our help, these children are not able to attend high school, and because of you, these 2 students are now seniors!.  So we’re all saving our coins and filling the “jug” in the Gathering Space ~ it’s amazing how fast our coins are adding up and how helpful this has been for the future of these 2 young people!